Proudly Bricks + Mortar
so you're always served by a knowledgeable human
We sell Gifts
The kind that get remembered
Gift Wrapping Is Free
we tie it up with a bow
(so you don't have to)
We're people-pleasers.
(so you don't have to be.)

Hello, we're Clare Yuille and Anthony Bowers. As well as owning Merry + Bright, we're actors working in theatre, radio and tv. We'll be honest - we don't stop being applause junkies when we exit stage right. We get a kick out of wowing the audience as retailers too.

So when you shop with us, you get all of our people-pleasing super powers thrown in. That means free gift-wrapping, show-stopping displays and free cake every Saturday. Above all, we want you to feel the joy that comes from giving gifts.

So put us to work.

Let us take the stress and slog out of finding presents for the people you love - and yourself. We're at your service.

We sell those gifts.

The kind that get remembered. 

Merry + Bright is a gifts and clothing boutique with a relaxed and happy style.

We stock womenswear, socks, homeware, jewellery, prints, stationery, kits and games and light strings. Merry + Bright has been trading in the market town of Biggar on the edge of the Scottish Borders since 2009.

We're a bricks-and-mortar shop through and through. We love the internet but our hearts will always belong to the high street. So we took all the money that indie retailers usually spend on setting up an online store and used it to make visiting our shop a truly delightful, memorable experience.

But if you don't live nearby, you won't miss out. If you want to place an order for something you've seen on our facebook page or in our favourites-of-the-week videos, get in touch here or drop in and see us.

When it comes to shops and shopping, it's pretty fair to say we have views. We think life's too short to put up with identical stores selling the same old stuff in the same dull way. Merry + Bright is our riposte to the kind of shops that make you feel small, tired and bored.

Our items are made by artists, designers and companies who really care about what they produce. We think there's far too little of this kind of creativity, skill and integrity on the high street, so we choose suppliers we think deserve your attention. By supporting them, you're helping these innovative independent businesses to thrive and that's good for everyone.

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